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Connect to Opportunity

Nearly 1,900 colleges and scholarship programs use our Student Search Service® to look for students who are a good match for their school or program. They look at things like the area where you live or go to school, the interests you pursue, and what you plan to study in college.

Once you opt in to Student Search, you'll start getting information that can help you find a college that's a good fit for you. You may get emails, postal mail, or both. All of this information helps you get a better understanding of your opportunities, so you can find the right college.

Information you can expect from colleges and scholarship programs

  • Information on financial aid, scholarships, or other ways to make college more affordable
  • Details on campus life and student services
  • Overviews of majors, courses, and degree options
  • Deadline information

I didn’t realize how many colleges had majors that I was interested in until I started getting emails from them after signing up.

Sharing Information

When you opt in to Student Search it means that colleges and scholarship programs will be able to find you using the information you share. When you take a College Board exam, you’ll fill out the student data questionnaire, and when you plan for college on BigFuture you can build a college list. Colleges and scholarship programs can search for students and find you based on any of the information you provide, except the following: disability, self-reported parental income, social security number, phone number, and actual test scores.

Learn more about the data we share.